My focus is to meet and confer with young athletes and/or parents with the idea of offering them my experience and expertise based on my life experiences. I was a professional baseball player for 13 years with 8 years in the Major Leagues, and was a member of the 1969 World Champion New York Mets. I have worked in television and radio for many years as a sports announcer and commentator, in addition to owning various types of businesses. I am also a writer, a published author, and continue to make personal appearances, speaking engagements, and run baseball clinics. I have dealt on a personal level with numerous circumstances in the world of business and sports that relate to today’s athletes. I believe my life experiences would be invaluable not only to a young person trying to advance to the next level of play in sports, but also help in whatever goals they want to achieve. Baseball, of course, is my core specialty for advising and consulting.


Art Shamsky’s Principles of Success


  1. What it takes to get an individual to the next level in sports. The mental and physical effort that is needed.
  2. Practicing good habits on & off the field. How important it is and why?
  3. How an athlete should deal with and interact with coaches, teammates, parents, and fans.
  4. How to deal with the successes and failures that affect one’s mental attitude. As an example, Baseball is one of the few sports where as a hitter you fail much more than you succeed. How one deals with those failures is very important to a player’s long term success.
  5. Discussing conversations and meetings with baseball scouts, specifically, what they look for in a player on and off the field. Leveraging the right answers to build up interest from a scout.
  6. Best practices in compliance and ethics aligned with social media, using discretion on what to post online.
  7. Utilizing top health expert recommendations in Medical, Rehabilitation, and Dietary.
  8. How to integrate a public relations expert if needed to help guide you throughout your journey.
  9. How realistic goals can be achieved through hard work, determination, and preparedness. Understanding also, that dreams don’t always come to fruition. Therefore, providing a realistic approach with the understanding that someday even if one makes it to the highest level, a dream may eventually come to and end. With an understanding that injuries and other factors could potentially hinder one’s success and being prepared for the “real world” is a cohesive strategy that will always pay off for one’s long term success in life.
  10. Having been a professional athlete, World Champion, and experience much in my life, I truly believe what with my knowledge I would be an invaluable asset to a young athlete and their parents in helping them achieve their goals.